BrainWise Collaborates with Rotarians to Promote Problem-Solving Skills

Posted On: September 27, 2023

The BrainWise program will be presented to more than 700 leaders attending the 2023 Rotary International (RI) Zones 26 and 27 Institute, to be held in San Diego on November 8-12. The two zones represent 30 districts in the Western United States and comprise 1700 clubs and 67,000 members. Attendees will learn about programs and resources that support and enhance their clubs’ wide-ranging projects.

Our presenters include Rotarians and community partners who are BrainWise trainers and instructors. They will teach about the brain, the 10 Wise Ways to Stop and Think, and show participants how to apply BrainWise skills to prevent and solve problems. The session will demonstrate how individuals without science or education backgrounds can teach others problem-solving skills.

Evidence-Based, Universally Applied Program

During the session, we will use examples that address Rotary International initiatives for mental health, empowering girls, and literacy. Participants will learn that BainWise is taught across cultures, ages, and education and can be integrated into existing programs, daily living activities, and community projects. They will receive summaries about program outcomes and URL links to articles in scientific publications. They will learn that BrainWise has been taught to illiterate young women targeted by sex traffickers in China and youth in India, and that U.S. Indian Health Services certified BrainWise as a program proven to benefit Alaska Natives and Native Americans.

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