“The BrainWise training was the most useful training I have had in the last 10 years since becoming a school counselor--it was so nice to leave an all day training with really useful tools that I could use on Monday!”  – School Counselor

Training and Support

BrainWise is an excellent choice as an evidence-based program for developing professional skills to help youth, young adults, and children make better choices, leading them to increased health and behavioral outcomes. Whether community, organization, or individual, BrainWise can customize a training to fit individual needs.

The base training covers the BrainWise curricula focusing on the 6-12, K-5, or One-on-One manuals, or any combination thereof. Trainings minimally consist of a 4 hour block, and may last up to three days. All trainings are experiential and will introduce attendees to the background, structure, script, and activities of BrainWise. BrainWise trainers are able to travel to a client’s location, and have formerly conducted trainings across the United States, and throughout the world.

If it is a complex project or one requiring a high level of integration, the BrainWise team is ready and able to provide professional consultation to ensure success. The BrainWise team includes a network of experts in various fields including education, psychology, nursing, and corrections. These professionals can help with strategies to adapt BrainWise to complement a current programmatic focus or enhance participant outcomes in areas such as pregnancy prevention, family reunification, workforce development, clinical services, tobacco cessation, alcohol and substance recovery, study skills, and life-style decision making.


Research and Consultation

Private consultation and analysis of a school or agency’s individual needs, followed by the installation of the BrainWise Program on a grade, school, or agency-wide basis is offered. Testing, monitoring, and follow-up analysis of the effectiveness of the program, as well as detailed research on executive functioning of students also can be provided. Curricula, teaching aids, and resource teacher support are part of this offering.

Workshops over the school year to help direct and reinforce the infusion of the Wise Ways into day-to-day interactions inside and outside the classroom are available. The workshops will be conducted by certified trainers and instructors of BrainWise. Methods include making classroom visits, holding small group workshops with teachers to discuss ways to infuse and reinforce the Wise Ways, brainstorming, customizing and infusing the concepts into current curricula.


Grant Writing and Project Administration

The BrainWise Program is willing to collaborate on an idea or project related to youth social and emotional learning, prevention, human services, or clinical interventions that incorporate the program’s 10 Wise Ways approach. BrainWise is able to provide expert support through professional grant proposal writers with well-established reputations in education, social service, health, and research areas. BrainWise can assist in all aspects of such grant proposals, including planning and need assessments, budgeting, grant writing, partnerships, evaluation and analysis.


Program Evaluation

BrainWise is able to assist organizations in planning research services such as baseline participant measures, needs statements on youth issues, community readiness interviews, and literature reviews. BrainWise can assist in finding or designing outcome indicators and measures for individual project to track evidence of impact.


Curriculum Packages

Special Pricing Packages are available for purchases of curricula for school-wide or agency-wide applications and school district purchases.


Agency-Wide Applications

If a non-profit organization plans on incorporating the program into the scope of its current mission and purpose, and as an enhancement of its current projects, then no licensing fee is necessary. However, an agency must purchase an individual curriculum for each instructor or counselor who will actively teach the program, and that all staff be trained in order to support the delivery and reinforcement of the program to individual clients.

However, if an organization plans on delivering the BrainWise program as a stand-alone addition to its current efforts or incorporating the program into the scope of the organization’s current mission and purpose and clients are either charged individually for attending the program or the agency seeks reimbursement from some third party for delivering the program, then a licensing agreement with BrainWise is required.

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