Services and Products

“BrainWise has given me a gift. My students’ behaviors have significantly changed. They now have tools to problem solve and are capable of using critical thinking skills.”

Products Overview

The BrainWise curricula contain scripted lesson plans, and reproducible, age-appropriate worksheets that can be used to teach children, teens, and adults. The materials are available for group and individual teaching, and include reinforcement activities, checklists, a review guide, laminated posters and cards featuring the 10 Wise Ways.

BrainWise Instructors can obtain measurement instruments and sign up for a monthly newsletter containing updated program information and teaching tips.  Instructors who purchase a curriculum gain access to the BrainWise Resource Library, which contains copies of all the BrainWise newsletters, as well as research papers and resources for teaching the program.

Please be advised that the purchase of this curriculum does not create a grant or license for any commercial use of the curriculum and related teaching aids or for a use beyond the individual classroom or counseling setting for which it was purchased by its original purchaser.

Services Overview

Driving and refining the growth of the BrainWise Program for two decades is a research team comprised of master BrainWise instructors, public health professionals, and academicians with expertise on brain functions and neurobiology. These years of experience provide the basis of the valuable services that BrainWise has to offer.

From training and support, research and evaluation, grant writing support, and program evaluation, BrainWise can work with organizations to ensure the successful application of the BrainWise program. In addition BrainWise Instructors can obtain measurement instruments, and sign up for a monthly newsletter containing updated program information and teaching tips.