BrainWise Is Invited to Present at Colorado School Counselors’ Conference

Posted On: August 30, 2015


Colorado School Counselor Association (CSCA).  Thank you CSCA and Matt Clemens!  Matt wrote a marketing plan for BrainWise as part of his MBA studies at the University of Colorado.  He found that school counselors were large users of BrainWise, and we are excited that our submission, “BrainWise:  Teaching K-12 Students Executive Functions and SEL” will be presented at the annual Colorado School Counselors’ Association (CSCA) conference.  The conference, titled   Superheroes in Education, will be held in Colorado Springs on November 11-13th.  Samantha Haviland, PhD, Director of Counseling Support Services at Denver Public Schools and Presenter Liaison for CSCA said that the review committee had received an overwhelming number of presentations, and congratulated us on our acceptance.  We will present an overview of BrainWise and outcomes that include Colorado State University’s Christine Cerbana, M.S. and Juliana Rosa, M.S. found when they collected and analyzed data on 600 K-5 students at Manitou Springs Elementary School, as well as earlier research Dr. Welsh conducted on adolescents.

Working with BrainWise on the Computer
Working with BrainWise on the Computer
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