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Description of NPAL Offerings

BrainWise is a proven, cross-cultural program that teaches critical thinking and decision-making skills to children and youth!

Founded by Dr. Patricia Gorman Barry Ph.D. in 1995, the BrainWise Program, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, has been involved in the research and development of curricula that teach children, youth, and at-risk adults essential social, emotional, and cognitive skills through an innovative structured approach called the “10 Wise Ways.”

The skills taught by BrainWise can be applied to all problem situations, from the third grader caring full-time for younger siblings to teens who join gangs. The lessons are scripted, so anyone can teach it and the program’s common language explains complex brain concepts simply and easily.

If you have any questions about which package is the right fit for you, please email us at or call us at 303-917-7205.  Also, please feel free to consult personally with us about any special needs or requests you may have about NPAL/BrainWise products.

Instruction Packages

BrainWise Instruction Packages Include:

  • The choice of any BrainWise curriculum—BW K-5, BW 6-12, or BW 1 on 1.
  • A How to Be BrainWise Companion Book
  • A set of BrainWise Cards
  • Access to the BrainWise Resource Library
  • An Instructor’s Kit that includes:
    • A bound copy of the Worksheets for the specific curriculum
    • A Guide to the BrainWise Curriculum
    • A Handout on Teaching the 10 Wise Ways
    • A BrainWise Stop and Think Activity and Lesson Plan
    • A summary of methods for reinforcing the 10 Wise Ways

Mentor Packets

BW 6-12 Mentor Packets which include:

  • A How to be BrainWise Companion Book
  • An individual set of BrainWise cards
  • A certificate of completion

BW K-5 Mentor Packets which include:

  • A bound copy of the BW K-5 Worksheets
  • A BrainWise Activity Package which includes:
    • An Emotions Elevator Activity Cut-out
    • A Full Set Template of “Make Your Own” BrainWise cards
    • A Helpful/Harmful Lizard Brain Reaction Sheet
    • A “Red Flag Buddy” cut-out
    • A “Red Flag Cut-out” activity sheet

BW 1 on 1 Mentor Packets which include:

  • A bound copy of the BW 1 on 1 Worksheets
  • An individual set of BrainWise cards
  • A certificate of completion

Executive Sized Poster Sets (7.5 x 11)

  • A shrink-wrapped set of the BrainWise Posters—exclusively for NPAL Chapters

Has your Chapter already have purchased BrainWise NPAL Packages?  Consider ordering additional BrainWise Resources to fit your specific needs.

To fulfill grant requirements, returning PAL Chapters can choose items and services that total $500 or $1000 from our extensive list of BrainWise products.  For this option, please email us at or call us at 303-917-7205, and we will help determine what is right for you!


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