Positive Life Choices

“Our lives are shaped by the choices we make.”

We should all be concerned that every child has the skills to deal with problems and succeed in the world.

By skills, we mean being able:

  • To analyze a problem
  • To deal with information
  • To protect themselves
  • To avoid decisions and situations that will ruin their lives
  • To make decisions that will build a happy and productive life

We know these skills are not “hard-wired” into the brain at birth. What is hard-wired is a basic survival instinct that is called the “fight, flight or freeze” reaction—an instinct so basic it exists in every other species as well.

The “higher-brain” functions—or executive functions—that are needed  to respond to the world as we know it, must be learned.


We know that many children (and even many adults) haven’t learned these skills. The good news is that we know that these skills can be learned.

The even better news is that it is never too late to learn them.

Once they are learned, lives can become better, more manageable, and more productive.

That is what we want for everyone, but the key is, how can they be taught?

What is needed is a comprehensive and effective method of teaching these cognitive thinking skills—a program that is easy to teach and fun and engaging for children to learn.

That is what the 10 Wise Ways® program is all about.