BrainWise for Grades 6-12 Curriculum Package

A Guide to Building Thinking Skills in Young People

The BrainWise for Grades 6-12 Curriculum Package now contains new resources for the instructor.  The curriculum contains over 300 pages of material that includes scripted lesson plans, group teaching activities, reproducible student worksheets, and a review guide. The “Live It!” section provides the instructor with checklists, games, skill sheets, and a “problem solving” worksheet to help the student analyze personal problems of everyday life. Along with the curriculum you will receive the BrainWise Companion Book How to Be BrainWise, which provides an essential guide to the BrainWise Curricula.  Additional inserts also describe essential techniques for teaching and reinforcing the 10 Wise Ways, and electronic access to our new BrainWise Resource Library will provide many important resources for the BrainWise Instructor.