BrainWise 1-on1 Curriculum Package

A Guide to Building Thinking Skills in Young People - For Use by Mentors, Counselors, Social Workers and Others

BrainWise One-on-One Curriculum Package, 275 pages of guided teaching activities for mentors, counselors, social workers and others who work one-on-one with children and youth, now contains new resources for the BrainWise Instructor.  The easy-to-follow format sets forth the goals and objectives of each lesson, as well as providing a list of materials to use for each activity. The Curriculum includes material to be used with the individual student: reproducible worksheets, a set of BrainWise cards, a BrainWise bookmark, and a certificate of completion. Along with the curriculum you will receive the BrainWise Companion Book How to Be BrainWise, which provides an essential guide to the BrainWise Curricula.  In addition, specially designed activities, geared toward individual practice, show how to infuse the thinking skills into other subjects and activities outside the classroom or counseling session. Additional inserts also describe essential techniques for teaching and reinforcing the 10 Wise Ways, and electronic access to our new BrainWise Resource Library will provide many important resources for the BrainWise instructor.