Rotary Youth Leadership Awards Adds BrainWise to Colorado Program

Posted On: August 8, 2015

RYLA Plus is a Rotary Youth Leadership Awards program for potential future leaders with physical disabilities, or other similar challenges.  Targeted for high school or college students ages 16-20, this is the third year that the Rotary Club of Denver Southeast and Easter Seals Colorado have held the week-long camp (…/ryla/ryla-2015-flyer.pdf)   Rotarian Karen Loeb, Ed.D., PMP, professor of leadership and technical management at the University of Denver Daniels College of Business, leads the staff and students in leadership classes and activities.  She has invited BrainWise to be part of the curriculum, and will integrate the 10 Wise Ways into True Colors®, a program that helps individuals understand themselves and others based on their personality temperaments.

RYLA Plus Participants
RYLA Plus Participants
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