Marilyn Welsh, Ph.D

Marilyn Welsh, PhD is a professor of education and psychology at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley, and a recognized national expert on measuring the brain’s executive functions. She is co-author, with Dr. Barry, of the chapter on BrainWise in the book by D. Romer and E. Walker called “Adolescent Psychopathology and the Developing Brain: Integrating Brain and Prevention Science.” Dr. Welsh currently conducts research on outcomes of students who receive text reminders on their cell phones to “Be BrainWise.” She and her graduate students have devoted countless hours to evaluating BrainWise outcomes, and have presented papers and poster sessions at psychology conferences nationwide. Dr. Welsh continues to dedicate her time and expertise to BrainWise because, as she explains, “After more than 25 years of conducting research on executive functions, I was so impressed when I read Dr. Gorman Barry’s BrainWise curriculum.  Here was a program that took the theoretical concepts of executive processes and put them into a language that everyone can understand, relate to, and use in their daily lives.  From the youngest child who invariably has difficulty controlling emotions and planning ahead, to the at-risk teenager, who may be lacking the role models and practice needed to optimize these skills, BrainWise empowers them to engage their ‘Wizard Brain’ to more effectively deal with problems that confront them in our increasingly complex world.”