Mary Cazzell, Ph.D.

Mary Cazzell, a professor for the School of Nursing at the University of Texas at Arlington, joined the BrainWise team in 2009.  With her nursing background and expertise in neurobiology and adolescent risk behavior, Dr. Cazzell adds a cutting-edge evaluation component to BrainWise Program research projects.  According to Cazzell, “I am a BrainWise advocate because BrainWise addresses the neurobiological basis of decision making and that has been the focus of my research on adolescents.  BrainWise offers 10 excellent modules that incrementally teach how to make better decisions, which will result in less impulsivity, better emotional regulation, better working memory for difficult situations, and increased ability to inhibit unhealthy responses.”  Cazzell’s expertise regarding neuroscience research on the brain’s plasticity will help the team better measure the impact of behavioral interventions on specific targets and processes.  Her contributions to federal grant applications have increased funding opportunities to evaluate and expand BrainWise.