Rebecca Persing, D.N.P., M.S.N., RN

Persing is collecting pre- and post data, and helps write grants for the program. She promotes BrainWise in many ways, including nominating Dr. Barry for Jefferson County Public Health’s 2009 Public Health Champion of the Year award.  According to Persing, “BrainWise has enabled our Human Services clients to have both the belief and the skills they need to overcome the patterns of family functioning and environmental factors that led them to involvement with Human Services.”  As the primary nursing intervention, BrainWise gives nurses tools to teach clients skills that will help them make better choices and decisions.  Persing says the program “allows nurses to address multiple problems with clients of all ages simultaneously and provides a common language.”   She notes that, “Clients readily relate to the curriculum’s lessons on the brain and appreciate its non-judgmental approach to help them overcome barriers to being self-sufficient.”