Use Your Wizard Brain Over Your Lizard Brain

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Your Wizard Brain over Your Lizard Brain

Get To Know Your Brain

Your Wizard Brain over Your Lizard Brain

Use Your Wizard Brain

Instead of reacting to an annoying incident or comment, respond using your Wizard Brain. Do this for two different situations – someone you know, and someone you don’t know.

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Discreetly use the hand brain gesture when you are confronted with a problem situation. What happens? Write down five different incidents when you replaced your Lizard Brain with your Wizard Brain.

Stop and Think

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Emotions and Impulse

Look at the picture of the brain below. Notice certain areas aren’t labled. You need to identify the thalamus, hypothalamus, and amygdala.

Let’s check your skills so far!

Watch a short clip from the movie “Inside Out.” During the clip, you will be prompted to identify some important elements of the video!

Hand Brain

Teach a child, a teen and an adult about the Wizard Brain over the Lizard Brain by using the hand brain. Take and post a picture of the people you taught posing with his or her hand brain in position. Label it “Stop &Think.”

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